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  • Date Posted: Sep 24, 2014
  • Category:
  • Address: Carrera 35 # 8A-3, Medellín

Verdeo in Medellin

Verdeo is a vegetarian restaurant in El Poblado, Medellin. It opens from lunch until the evening. During lunch it’s very busy, but after around 2PM it get’s emptier and the restaurant turns into a great oficina. There are two floors, upstairs ae some tables connected to the windows where you can work while enjoying the view of the outdoor gym across the street. The restaurant is full of cool decorations, so your eyes won’t be bored. The lunch here is delicious too: everything is organic and healthy. They have a daily menu for 13.000 pesos, which is really delicious!

WiFi and power sockets

The WiFi is good and allows you to work whithout any problems. There are power sockets around the restaurant, so there are a few tables with access to them. In the afternoon you should not have difficulties connecting.

More info about Verdeo

Verdeo opens on Monday to Wednesday from 12AM to 10PM, Thursday to Saturday from 12AM to 11PM and Sunday from 12AM to 9PM. It’s recommended to start working after lunch, which finishes around 2PM, as during lunch the restaurant is very full.


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