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Café Revolución

Café Revolución

  • Date Posted: Oct 10, 2014
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  • Address: Carrera 73 circular # 4 - 10, Medellin

Café Revolución, Medellin

Café Revolución is a small place in Laureles that just opened a few months ago. When I first entered I was immediately greeted very nicely by the owners. They are doing their very best to make you feel welcome and this really worked for me. The coffee is delicious, they get their high quality coffee from all over Colombia. The banana bread was incredible as well. I did no try out the complete menu, but I saw some great looking grilled sandwiches passing by…

WiFi and power plugs

I have been working here for an hour or two, well concentrated. The WiFi works excellent. I saw some tables with a power plug within reach. The tables are maybe a bit small to install yourself for a long time, but this is not the place to park yourself all day anyway. For one or two hours of well caffeinated, concentrated work this is the perfect spot though.

More info

Café Revolucion is opened from Monday to Friday from 10:30AM to 21:30PM and on Saturday from 10:30AM to 20:30PM. If you can’t spot the place right away: it’s behind the gas station.



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