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Panaderia Bella Suiza
August 162014

This is a bakery with connected restaurant and hotel. You can easily spend a full day here: Bella Suiza offers breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between for reasonable prices. As there is no air conditioning it can get a bit hot. The WiFi is good though, and there are sufficient power sockets available. As Colombians seem to love loud music it can get noisy. But a secret tip: all the way in the back is a table away from the noise. Bella Suiza is open every day, including holidays. All in all a reliable spot in Santa Marta.

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Café Caribe
August 162014

Café Caribe, Santa Marta

This newly opened wifi café is the first and only one of it’s kind that I found in Santa Marta. In the 2 months that I was staying in this city I did not find a good spot to work, so I was very happy when they opened last summer. Café Caribe offers good coffee, smoothies and sandwiches. And, extra important in Santa Marta: they have airconditioning! This is absolutely the best spot in the center of Santa Marta to get some work done.

Wifi and power sockets

The quality of the WiFi is strong, I could do my work without any problems. I did not try video calls, someone else should test that. There is one table with access to a power plug (in the corner next to the painting).

More info about Café Caribe

Café Caribe is opened from Monday to Thursday from 8AM to 9:30PM and on Friday and Saturday from 9AM to 12PM. They are closed on Sunday.

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